With our vast range of experience, our plumbers work to the highest standard on large and small jobs and on maintenance or new homes. Our team have all the equipment required from water jetters for clearing sewer chokes to cameras for inspecting sewer lines.

Plumbing services we specialise in:

  • New Homes
  • Guttering
  • Sewer Chokes
  • Roofing
  • Camera Inspections
  • Gas Fitter
  • Sewer Drainage
  • Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Wollongong

Plumbing Maintenance Services We Provide:

  • New Homes

    The plumbing in your new home is a critical component. It is like the veins of your body - if they are not working correctly a dramatic event will occur in the future. Don't chance your new home to any old plumber! Our master plumbers are highly skilled and experienced to ensure your new home has the correct drainage and piping solutions.

    We can work with you and your architect to ensure you have an efficient plumbing system that is both environmentally friendly and cost saving. Our skilled plumbers will guide you through the total planning stage to ensure you have a hassle free experience.

  • Sewer Chokes

    A sewer choke is a blockage in a wastewater pipe. They usually occur when there's something caught inside the pipe that stops it working properly.

    Our skilled plumbers are able to identify where the blockage has occurred with our specialised equipment, what the best action plan is to rectify the issue so your services are returned to normal operation as soon as possible.

    Here are some common observations around your home, that may identify you may have a sewer choke

    • Strange gurling noises coming from your pipes.
    • Slow draining sinks, basins or bath tubes.
    • Overflowing trap gullies.

    Causes of Sewer Chokes

    The main causes of sewer chokes, are tree roots penetrating the pipes or foreign objects being flushed down the toilet

    Some items that may get flushed down the toliet are tampons, disposable nappies, wet wipes, cotton buds and much more. These items are not designed to be flushed down the toilet and could cause your sewer lines to be blocked.

  • Camera Inspections

    A pipe camera inspection can quickly highlight issues located within your pipes as well as the conditions of your pipes, junctions and bends.

    The camera allows us to provide detailed photos and video of the issues within your pipes so we can prepare a full report and the action plan to correct the issue.

    A drain camera is the perfect solution for identifying abnormalities within your plumbing. Some of the issues we can detect are:

    • Condition of pipes, junctions and bends.
    • Tree root damage.
    • Obstructions in the pipes.
    • Poorly laid drains
    • Broken pipes.
    • Surveying/Mapping your current pipes.
  • Sewer Drainage

    Sewer Drainage is a very important element in the construction of your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The drainage system helps discard waste water to the correct location using the correct grades of fall allowing the water and effluent waste to discharge to the correct location ensuring no solids are left behind. The two main types of sewer drainage materials are pvc and urvan wear (terracotta pipe). Sewer drainage can either be suspended under your house or buried in the ground depending on if your house is on bearers or joists or on a concrete slab and, the location of the main sewer line. It is advised not to bury any large trees or any plants with major root systems near these pipes as they can damage them causing sewer blockages.

    Our specialised team can install the correct sewer drainage system to your house to ensure the correct requirements are met with overflow and vent requirements. The correct sizing of pipelines and grades to ensure your sewer drainage is dispersing to the correct location and not backing up is also our priority.

  • Guttering

    There are many different types of guttering from quad gutter, box gutter to fascia gutter. They all offer different sizes and requirements. It is an important element to your house as guttering helps catch the water to disperse it away to an allocated location such as a water tank or downpipe location. It is very important to keep regular maintenance schedules as this prevents the guttering from blocking and water flowing back inside your eaves and possibly your house! Guttering also prevents the chances of your storm water line blocking up and causing flooding and further damage around your property.

    Our qualified tradesman can either clean or maintain your gutters to prevent any issues arising or, do a complete over haul and replace the guttering, We can guide you in the right direction if you are looking at changing your gutter profile so you can obtain a suitable one to meet the design of your roofing needs.

    Sometimes fascia can be left unpainted and not matching the new gutter which really does affect the aesthetics of the house. There is an option available were you can install a suitable fascia cover that comes in the standard Colourbond range. This can be installed when replacing the guttering and does not have to be painted, it protects the fascia boards and prevents rotting and deterioration which enhances the integrity and protection of your home or office guaranteeing it for years to come.

  • Roofing

    Roofing is the main aspect of your house, garage or office in keeping you dry. There are many types of  roofing profiles such as corrugated roofing, cliplock roofing, trimdeck roofing and various others. You can often get these profiles in the standard Colourbond range to suit the colour and roofing profile for your location (dependent on winds and weather conditions).

    We can also organise re-roofs from tiled to Colourbond roofs and asbestos removal of existing roofs if required.

  • Gas Fitter

    Gas is mainly used for heating, cooking and generation of hot water. There are 2 types of gas: LPG Gas and Natural Gas. You can only obtain Natural Gas if you have a main line running outside your house run by the local gas authority, LPG Gas generally comes in bottle form and can be located in any location which does not have natural gas in the area, you can also run LPG Gas as your preferred gas if Natural Gas is in your area.

    Our specialised licenced technician can come out to your property and organise a main to meter connection if you are looking at a new gas installation, or we can run new gas lines if new heater points are required in a lounge room. Or if you wish to change your current hot water system from electric to gas.

    It is important that all new gas installations and installation of new gas branch lines on an existing line is done by a licenced gas plumber. We can help size the gas line correctly and pick the correct location for new outlet points so they meet current Australian Standards. DON’T RISK IT! ONLY USE A LICENCED PLUMBER.